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Arranging a funeral is something few of us want to do, but it remains a stage of our lives nonetheless. However, there are several steps you can take to help throughout this process.When arranging funeral services, you should consider the importance of pre-planning. Reading and signing the multitude of documents to follow is something better done when you have a clear head and aren’t under emotional duress.  Pre-arranging services can also help ensure you’re fulfilling your loved one’s wishes. What type of funeral service would he/she like? Where would he/she like to be buried? As hard as it can be to broach these subjects now, they can be even more difficult to answer later.  Sometimes, when emotions run high due to a recent death, family members can squabble over what is best. Deciding this beforehand with input from everyone can help prevent hurt feelings. Here is a checklist for the most common funeral arrangement needs:
  • Keep a list of guest phone numbers and emails ready
  • Find important documents, such as, DD214, life insurance, social security number, cemetery deed, and so forth
    Choose an attorney to handle any legal paperwork
  • Select the type of service and clergy representative
  • Gather speeches, photos, remembrances, and music for the memorial service
  • Decide upon the memorial or burial site
  • Choose an appropriate gravesite marker (if necessary)
When selecting the funeral services, it would be best if you brought along someone who can check over documents and discuss options with you. This way, you can help prevent strong emotions from leading you astray from level- headed actions.  Remember to read all documents carefully before you sign them, and ask questions if you are unsure about anything.  A trusted funeral director will help present all of the options you need to consider and forms you need to sign. Again, pre-planning a funeral arrangement can allow you enough time to involve everyone.

Make sure you talk to your funeral director and discuss all of the options available regarding your funeral and the different payment options.
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